Past Litters

Fern produced 22 healthy puppies for the Chinook breed. A few of her offspring are already going forward to continue the legacy of the Chinook breed. We laugh to think Fern is a Grandmother! I cant say enough wonderful traits Fern has. But to name a few, she gives the best hugs for a dog I have ever had. She is a very compassionate dog. She is very loving to her family. She enjoys being cuddled and loves to hang on the couch or in the car. Fern loves to go exploring and traveling in our Eurovan. She loves to go camping and hiking. She can keep out front when mountain biking. She has been a great Mom to her daughter Eden who lives here and to half brother Zealand. I am very proud we have passed on these wonderful traits to her offspring. This page shows the boys and year to whom Fern was bred to.

"The Helping Hands" litter" 2020 and "The All Things Considered" litter" 2021

Ferncroft On The Intervale (Lovie) puppy eval with Nancy Bartol assisting Ed. Ed is a well known AKC judge of Chinooks. (2020)

Chris spending time with the (2020) litter.

Ferncroft Dweller By The Brook (Beckett) and Chris (2020)

Fern and her 11 puppies! (2020) litter

Fern and her puppies (2021)

"All Things Considered" litter

Fern and her 11 puppies (2021)

"All Things Considered" litter

Ferncroft Tormund Evan (2021)

Ferncroft Home Grown Eden (2021)

Intervale Ferncroft

2020 Breeding

Wachusett Gulbrun Regis

2020 Breeding

Intervale Ferncroft

2021 Breeding

Sea Smoke Kalen